5690 rummy patti-BCPR7EIX Iridium-nickel Spark Plug

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5690 rummy patti-BCPR7EIX iridium-nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference 3922 XS3922 1706 P9 OE179 OE179T10 5313 IQ22 MZ602028

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5690 rummy patti-BCPR7EIX Iridium-Nickel Spark Plug

The heat range of a spark plug :

A cold plug will not materially cool down an engine's running temperature. 

A too hot plug may, however, indirectly lead to a runaway pre-ignition condition that can increase engine temperature. 

Rather, the main effect of a "hot" or "cold" plug is to affect the temperature of the tip of the spark plug.

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